Little Dix Bay

divebvi_ssilogoLDB classroomDive BVI has been the on-property dive operation at Rosewood Little Dix Bay resort since 1982

Dive BVI, in conjunction with Rosewood, has recently completed a state of the art classroom and retail space on the water at Little Dix Bay resort.  This facility will allow us to teach SCUBA courses to resort guests in comfort, no matter the weather.  We also have a secure storage area to conveniently store guest dive gear for them and a nice selection of Dive BVI apparel, sunscreen, UV rash guards and Scubapro professional snorkel and dive gear.

Offering the most experienced and best equipped scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands – Dive BVI is your best choice for diving, snorkeling, and charter excursions!  Dive BVI’s professional staff will assist you in all your diving/snorkeling activities.  Our custom dive boats are equipped with the latest in safety and navigation gear as well as first aid, Oxygen and freshwater showers.  We also offer private charter options to include island sight-seeing, day trips, private dive instruction, or anything else you want to do!

With Dive BVI, you will find your dive gear set up for you on the boat and we’ll take care of cleaning and storing it for your next day of diving.  Dive BVI offers personal gear storage for Little Dix Bay guests at our new facility next to the Beach Grill.  After your last dive with us, we will rinse, clean and dry your equipment for you as well saving you the hassle of packing up wet gear.  A great selection of Scubapro dive gear is also available for purchase at our retail locations on Virgin Gorda, both in Leverick Bay and Spanish Town.

Dive Schedule:

Morning two tank trip -  Departs:  8:45 am - Returns:  around 12:45 pm.

Afternoon one tank trip -  Departs:  2:45 pm - Returns:  around 4:45 pm.

Day Morning Afternoon
Monday 2 tank AM trip* 1 tank dive/snorkel
Tuesday 2 tank RMS Rhone trip 1 tank dive/snorkel
Wednesday 2 tank Wreck Alley/Cooper Island 1 tank dive/snorkel
Thursday 2 tank Safari Trip (full day) Night Dive
Friday 2 tank Dog Islands 1 tank dive/snorkel
Saturday 2 tank AM trip* RMS Rhone-dive/snorkel**
Sunday 2 tank AM trip* 1 tank dive/snorkel

Night Dives are scheduled every Thursday night and/or whenever diver interest dictates.  Dive lights and tank marker lights are provided at no extra charge.  If you haven’t done a night dive yet, this is your opportunity to find out how much fun it really is.  These are small instructor-led groups where we concentrate on finding the little critters that we don’t normally see during the day.  Expect to see lobsters, crabs and eels out on the prowl when we go to sites like The Chimney and RMS Rhone.

Night Snorkels in the Bay – Come out and explore our beautiful bay after the sun goes down!  Our professional guides will show you some fascinating wildlife, offer great tips for snorkeling and be there to assist in your night time snorkel expedition.  Be on the lookout for squid, turtles, rays and more!

*Captain’s Choice – we’ll pick the sites based on weather/water conditions, diver certification levels, and sites previously visited.  No dive site can be guaranteed as weather and water conditions can vary on any given day.  We do our best to find the best sites for our guests.  Some sites may be repeated during the week due to customer requests and/or weather conditions.

**Saturday Afternoon – Special 1-tank dive and guided snorkel trip to the RMS Rhone. Designed for all snorkelers, novice divers and experienced divers, this trip visits the shallower portions of the wreck allowing non-divers to snorkel this famous wreck. Experienced divers are also welcome – a perfect trip for the family with a mix of divers and non-divers.  NOTE:  This trip departs at 2:00 PM – EARLY DEPARTURE

Not yet certified for diving but want to give it a try?

The British Virgin Islands provide an excellent location to dive.  Whether it’s your first time, you are completing training started at home, or you are experienced and want to expand your skills, the BVI offer all levels of dive conditions. Easy access to a range of dive sites suitable for training along with our knowledgeable (and patient) instructors will help ensure a safe and enjoyable course.  Over the years, Dive BVI instructors have issued over 7000 certifications ranging in courses from Open Water to Photography to Divemaster!

We teach all levels of SSI (Scuba Schools International) diving courses from Try Scuba Diving to Instructor. Below you will find a brief description of some of the courses.  Please reserve in advance for certification courses so we can schedule our staff and boat trips.

Medical Questionnaire – Please bear in mind that all instruction requires the completion of a medical questionnaire – you can download the SSI medical statement in Adobe Acrobat format from us (Download PDF). If you need to answer ‘YES’ to any of the questions on page 1, page 2 of the form must be completed and signed by your physician. The remaining pages provide a guide for your physician.


A fun intro to diving for kids!  This program gets kids in the water on Scuba in the shallow waters of Little Dix Bay.  Designed for ages 8 and up, they’ll learn how to breathe underwater, wear a mask and fins, and look for some of the neat little critters we have underwater.  We teach this program on Saturdays at 10:00 am.  Space is limited so reservations are essential.

Try Scuba Diving

The first level in the SSI system, this one-day course is designed to give you the opportunity to try out scuba diving under the supervision of one of our instructors. After a short session covering the basic theory of scuba, you get the opportunity to try out the equipment in shallow water whilst learning some basic scuba skills. The course concludes with a shallow dive on one of our beautiful reefs guided by one of our instructors.  The dive portion can then be repeated during your stay with us without you having to repeat the theory and shallow water training.  This is a great program for those who want to just give it a try!  We teach this course daily except for Thursdays.

Also, the training for the Try Scuba Diving course can be credited towards Open Water Diver.  You simply need to purchase the Open Water training pack from us so that you have the training manual to read and a training log book for us to sign-off. You then have 12 months to complete your training for either level of certification.

Open Water Diver

The first level of full certification, the Open Water Diver course is designed to take a complete novice with no experience and produce a diver capable of safely planning and conducting dives with a buddy. No prior experience is necessary.

The full course entails :

  • Theory sessions – home study with the SSI manual or the new SSI Online program, followed by review sessions with the instructor.
  • Confined water dives – an opportunity to learn the necessary scuba skills in a controlled environment (usually combined into 2 sessions).

Open water dives – 4 dives (usually completed over 2 mornings) giving an opportunity to apply the skills learned in confined water as well as getting comfortable with the ocean environment.  A full certification course will take around 4 to 5 days to complete – please book in advance to ensure we have sufficient staff availability.

Continuing Education

Dive BVI is also able to offer Specialty Dive courses in Enriched Air (Nitrox), Wreck Diving, Underwater Digital Photography, and many others.  Let us know what you are interested in and we’ll do our best to make it happen for you.  This may be just what you are looking for to spice up your diving vacation.

Try CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) Dives

Dive the Poseidon MK VI Discovery eCCR … the most advanced diving system on the planet!  The eCCR (electronic closed circuit rebreather) is the most rebreather_Discoveryadvanced, cutting edge, diving system available for underwater exploration. It rivals the astronaut’s primary life support system in sophistication, and shares much of the same technology.  The eCCR recirculates and conditions the onboard gas supply, extending dive times far beyond those of traditional scuba divers.  In addition, there are no bubbles and noise associated with open circuit scuba.  This program is kept to a 2 guests to 1 Instructor ratio.  Please contact us for more information or to set up your new diving adventure today!

You can speak with our Dive Representatives at the resort for schedule information, courses, and diving opportunities.  They are located next to the Beach Activities desk seven days a week from 8:15 am to 5:00 pm.  Or give us a call toll free at  1-800-848-7078 to set up your fantastic diving adventure!  Want to email us?  Send us a line at and we’ll get back to you right away!

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