Scuba Diving in the BVI

The Dive BVI way – “setting the standard since 1975″

Our philosopy is this: “It’s really simple…just swim, breathe, and enjoy.”


Cruising the beautiful Rhone Reef

Over the past 37+ years, Dive BVI has provided guests with safe, enjoyable diving.  Our aim is to provide the best in service, guided underwater tours and professional instruction.  Our diver to dive leader ratio is 6:1. Boats are generally kept to 12 divers or less. Fewer divers per Dive Leader means a safer and more personalized experience for you.  Exclusivity is what we provide and great experiences are what we hope for.

Our dive equipment rental program uses only Scubapro Dive Equipment for regulator systems and BCDs. We are also now offering a rental upgrade package – New Scubapro Glide Pro weight-integrated BCDs and Uwatec Aladin dive computers on our regulator systems.  Dive trips are always conducted with two priorities in mind:  (1) the safety of our guests and (2) the enjoyment of our guests. Our dive instructors select appropriate dive sites based on these two objectives.  We also have Enriched Air Nitrox cylinders available for our guests, with training available for those wanting to learn more.

Divers find equipment set up when they step on to the boat – we can carry it to you on the dive platform and lift it from you before you exit the water. We will break down and rinse off/store the equipment for you at the end of the trip.  Imagine going home with clean and dry dive gear!  You are on vacation – sit back, relax and let our team of dedicated professionals show you what the BVI has to offer.  We like to sum it up this way – all you have to do is swim, breathe and smile.  We’ll take care of everything else.

Our boats provide the safest and most comfortable forms of entry/exit to the water.  As a result of our attention to detail, Dive BVI experiences a very high level of repeat business.  Recently, we had a diver who started diving with us in 1978 come back and dive with us again.  He was much more comfortable in our new BCDs than in the old horse collar vests that were considered state of the art back then!

Dive Trips

Dive schedules consists of 2-tank trips in the morning followed by a 1-tank trip in the afternoon.  Yacht diving rendezvous can be arranged at no extra charge.  Please call in advance to ensure that we will be able to meet your boat at a specific location.  We dive at a majority of sites throughout the BVI, including the famous RMS Rhone and Chikuzen shipwrecks.

Credit card details are required to secure a booking – cancellations must be notified to Dive BVI 24 hours in advance (48 hours during peak holiday periods).  Otherwise, a cancellation fee equal to the value of the booking will be charged.  Safety is our number one concern at Dive BVI. We feel that divers who are comfortable and confident will be safer divers.  To that end, we may require you to participate in a Refresher program if there has been a lapse in your diving experience.  We offer Oral Refreshers for those needing a quick review of equipment, safety procedures, and dive protocols.  We also offer a full diver review if you have been out of the water for over 10 years.  There is a fee associated with this service as it will be conducted by one of our professional instructors.


Private charters for diving, snorkeling or sight-seeing can be arranged – please contact Jeff at 1-800-848-7078 for details and pricing. We do require advance notice of this to ensure we have available boats and crew.  We have many options available for your large or small group outing.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, give Jeff a call or email at and see if he can come up with something to your liking!  Ready to book?  Download our Advanced Reservation Sheet and send it via email/fax!  We will get right back to you!